If you have not shopped for a mattress in a number of years you may be unfamiliar with the different kinds of sleep systems available to you today.  There are 3 basic types of sleep systems available.


  1. Innerspring mattresses.  This is the oldest mattress technology and often a good solution when a customer needs to replace an old mattress or add a mattress to a guest room and have a tight budget with which to work.  These mattresses use a system of coils…either individual pocket coils or a continuous coil system…as the core of the mattress.  The individual pocket coils help isolate movement from side to side.  In either case, the greater the coil density the better the mattress is able to perform.  Layers of foam are added to the top of the mattress to determine comfort level and other characteristics.
  2. Memory foam mattresses.  These mattresses use only types of foam to comprise the sleep system.  Instead of coils, the core of the mattress is a layer of dense foam.  Multiple layers of foam are layered on top to create different comfort levels.  Different brands can use different foam structures, some infused with gel material to help dissipate heat.  This mattress system is increasingly popular due to their ability to totally isolate movement and instantly conform to the shape and weight of the body.
  3. Hybrid mattresses.  This type of sleep system is a combination of innerspring and memory foam systems.  In a hybrid mattress the layer of dense support foam in memory foam mattresses is replaced with an individual pocket coil system to form the core.  Different kinds of memory foam are layered on top of these coils.  The net result is the customer can get the comfort abilities of a memory foam mattress with a more traditional “feel” due to the coils.


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