When a child graduates or someone else leaves the home for some other reason it creates changes in the household.  One of those changes is now an empty room.  Some people keep it as a “museum” as a tribute to the memories of childhood.  Others are ready to move on and see an opportunity to add functionality to their home.  If you fall into the second category there are 4 popular ways to re-purpose the room.


1. Create a hobby room.  Sewing, painting, model making…these are just a few of fun hobbies that now can be fully indulged.  Take you supplies and equipment out of the closet, garage or basement and make a new space that will enhance your creativity.

2. Build that mom or dad cave.  You now have a specific place for your favorite chair or couch and surround yourself with all your favorite things.

3. Make room to exercise.  Now you have the space to set up that new equipment you have been wanting but couldn’t find the room for.  With everything set up and ready to go you’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to use and get the exercise to stay healthy.

4. Create a break room or bar.  Sometimes you just need a place to get away and relax.  An empty room is just the chance you need to make a special place to go.


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