There are many factors that go into what constitutes an adequate night’s sleep for any individual. Primary among these is age because needs change as we grow older with subsequent changes in activity and energy levels. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Infants, 12-15 hours
  • Toddlers 11-14 hours
  • Pre-school 10-13 hours
  • School age 9-11 hours
  • Teens 8.5-9.5 hours
  • Adults 7-9

 These are general guidelines. Women need a couple extra hours of sleep during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Any individual that is often drowsy during the day need to increase their hours of sleep. And if an individual is sleep deprived for several days a “sleep debt” is created requiring extra hours of sleep to catch up.


The impact of not getting enough rest is well documented. Symptoms include memory problems, depression, a weakened immune system, lower pain tolerance and slower reaction time. In fact, slower reactions due to poor sleep habits is estimated to cause 83,000 auto accidents per year and up to 850 deaths.


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