Hanging Curtains Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide

Hanging Curtains Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to make your room seem bigger and your ceilings seem taller with a few simple adjustments to your curtains! The team at George’s Furniture has put together a step-by-step guide to hanging your curtains like a professional designer!

hanging curtains like a pro1. Buy Enough Fabric

Make sure that when you’re shopping for curtains you buy enough panels so that the material will ruffle a little even when the curtains are completely shut. You want to avoid having the curtains look stretched out and thin when they’re pulled together. A good rule of thumb is that the width of the curtains should equal at least two times the width of the window.

2. Hang the Rod High and Wide

To make your ceilings seem taller, hang the curtain rod higher than the top of the window… at least half-way between the window and the ceiling. You can go as high as 2-3 inches from the ceiling or crown molding. Also, you want the rod to be wide enough so that the entire window is visible when the curtains are drawn back. This way you can enjoy your beautiful curtains and the beautiful view at the same time!

hanging curtains like a pro3. To Hem, or Not to Hem

For a clean, contemporary style, hem your curtains so that they lay just 1/2 an inch from the floor. Any shorter and it will look unbalanced, like a piece of artwork that has been cut off in the middle. You can also allow the curtains to pool on the floor a little bit for a cozy, romantic style. To do this, keep an extra 6-8 inches longer than the length of the curtain rod to the floor. This style works best with a sheer, flowing material.

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