What Is A Latex Mattress?

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What Is A Latex Mattress? Latex is a is naturally porous, breathable and supportive material. It’s unique in the way in contours to your body. Instead of forcing your spine into a straight line, latex provides a buoyant surface for muscles, joints and spine to relax naturally. Our Experience With The Latex Mattress: Latex Mattress [...]

How To Buy A Mattress

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Discover A Fresh Approach To Mattress Shopping: Are you ready to wake up feeling mentally rested and pain free? Hard to believe, right? We welcome you to experience a different kind of mattress shopping experience at George’s Furniture and Mattress. We take years of experience in the mattress industry, combine it with the latest [...]

Adjustable Bed Base

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What Is An Adjustable Bed Base? An adjustable bed base is an electronic, multi-position base that allows a person to adjust their sleeping position at either the head, or foot portion of the bed. An adjustable bed base can help provide solutions for both health, wellness and overall lifestyle. Our Experience With Adjustable Bed [...]

Smith Brothers Furniture

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Smith Brothers of Berne is one of the finest furniture manufacturer’s in the United States, representing solid, comfortable and stylish furniture. It’s a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology that creates some of the best furniture available in the world today. Construction & Durability When you have the opportunity to touch, feel [...]

Benefits Of A Lift Chair Recliner

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Benefits Of A Lift Chair Recliner Designed For Comfort. Our lift chair recliners are designed with comfort in mind. Each chair is designed to fit the correct height and size of person. The padding and materials used in the chair also ensure the chair will have a long comfort life and improve the health and well-being [...]

Better ZZZ’s & Memory Foam

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Can a mattress truly deliver a better night's sleep? Buying a new mattress is about as simple as choosing a new cellphone service provider. And if you're interested specialty sleep products like memory foam, the learning curve gets even steeper. A memory foam mattress can dramatically improve sleep for some people – but it isn't [...]

7 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Setting the stage for better mornings… Set the rules of engagement – Reboot your bedtime routine and reserve your bedroom for non-electronic activities. That means no TV, phones or laptops allowed. Why? Their bright lights act like a rooster to your brain and wake it up just when you should be getting sleepy. “The small [...]