The Basic Differences Between Sleep Systems

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If you have not shopped for a mattress in a number of years you may be unfamiliar with the different kinds of sleep systems available to you today.  There are 3 basic types of sleep systems available.   Innerspring mattresses.  This is the oldest mattress technology and often a good solution when a customer needs [...]

Understanding the 5 stages of sleep

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Although sleep can feel like a passive activity, it is actually a very active time for our minds. Within five different stages, including REM sleep, our bodies heal and process information learned during the day. From memory consolidation, muscle recovery, to hormone regulation, sleep is responsible for many necessary processes that we could not function without. [...]

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

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There are many factors that go into what constitutes an adequate night's sleep for any individual. Primary among these is age because needs change as we grow older with subsequent changes in activity and energy levels. Here are some general guidelines: Infants, 12-15 hours Toddlers 11-14 hours Pre-school 10-13 hours School age 9-11 hours Teens [...]

Picking the Right Sheets Helps You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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It’s easy to overlook the importance of the sheets you put on your mattress as a key to your overall sleep comfort. They seem like an afterthought once you have gone through the process of selecting just the right mattress. The sleep specialists at George’s Furniture & Mattress will help find the perfect sleep system [...]

12 Do’s and Don’ts For Better Sleep

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Your mood isn’t the only thing improved by a good night’s sleep. Sleep can help enhance your memory and decision-making ability, plus it will help you maintain good physical health and lower your risk of injury. Here’s what you can do to maximize the benefits you get from better sleep:  Do… Establish Routine: Your [...]

Tips for Buying a New Mattress

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Buying a new mattress is a lot like buying a new car; you’re making a long-term investment that requires careful consideration of multiple variables. These tips will help you come prepared to make an informed decision about your next mattress purchase: 1 – Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes The only way to know for [...]

Better ZZZ’s & Memory Foam

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Can a mattress truly deliver a better night's sleep? Buying a new mattress is about as simple as choosing a new cellphone service provider. And if you're interested specialty sleep products like memory foam, the learning curve gets even steeper. A memory foam mattress can dramatically improve sleep for some people – but it isn't [...]

7 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Setting the stage for better mornings… Set the rules of engagement – Reboot your bedtime routine and reserve your bedroom for non-electronic activities. That means no TV, phones or laptops allowed. Why? Their bright lights act like a rooster to your brain and wake it up just when you should be getting sleepy. “The small [...]