Make Your Home Office Feel Like…Home!

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More and more people, either entrepreneurs or part of flexible organizations, are working from home. It can lead to increased productivity, improved family care and cost savings for individual and company alike. At George’s Furniture we recognize this trend and provide many options for home office environments in addition to living rooms, dining rooms [...]

Put Your Living Room in the Best Light

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At George’s Furniture we help our customers create living room spaces that reflect their own sense of style using our broad selection of furniture brands, designs and colors. Even the perfect living room furniture, however, needs proper lighting to enhance the look. There are three types of lighting…ambient, accent and task…and using all these [...]

Getting Started with Custom Design Sofas at George’s Furniture

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If you're a detail oriented person who likes everything to be just right, or if you are artistically minded and enjoy creating your own masterpieces, custom furniture design is right for you! With affordable custom furniture options at George's Furniture, it's easy to design your own sofas, sectionals, and more. Then your piece will be built by [...]

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

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Fall is the perfect time to be pro-active in preparing your home for the winter months. We all know winter is coming but we never know if it will be stormy and severe or calm and mild. However, winter storms caused homeowners more than $30 billion in damage from 1996-2015 so it’s best to be [...]

Is Your Home Ready for Holiday Entertaining?

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The most joyful…and busy…time of the year is right around the corner. Different people celebrate different occasions but frequent gatherings with family and friends is common to all.  It can be very hectic, but if you start to prepare your home now you will have more time to spend with your guests. Take stock [...]

Using Cottage Style in the Modern Home

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If you’re the type of person who likes to curl up with a good book and read all day or invite guests over for the weekend, then we have the perfect style for you! A traditional cottage style can transform your modern home into the perfect cozy getaway that will make every day feel [...]

Entertaining in your home made easy

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Entertaining in your home made easy  A gathering of friends and/or family is always a joyful celebration.  It is also a way to showcase your home, share your unique sense of style and enjoy good food and beverages.  At George’s Furniture we have an extensive selection of dining room, kitchen, bar and gathering room [...]

Hanging Curtains Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide

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Hanging Curtains Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide Learn how to make your room seem bigger and your ceilings seem taller with a few simple adjustments to your curtains! The team at George’s Furniture has put together a step-by-step guide to hanging your curtains like a professional designer! 1. Buy Enough Fabric [...]


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Family Gatherings Made Easy When you are looking for a solution to provide the perfect seating arrangement for your family, look no further than today’s modern sectional. From choice of style, size, color and texture, you have the ability to create a setting that you will enjoy for years to come! All created from [...]