What Is An Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base is an electronic, multi-position base that allows a person to adjust their sleeping position at either the head, or foot portion of the bed. An adjustable bed base can help provide solutions for both health, wellness and overall lifestyle.

Our Experience With Adjustable Bed Bases:

Adjustable Bed Base Pros:

  • An adjustable base can help reduce and sometimes eliminate these common health problems:
    • Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain
    • Reducing Pressure Points
    • Reduce Sciatic Nerve Irritation
    • Open Up Airways, Reducing Snoring
    • Relieving Acid Reflux
    • Improving Circulation In Lower Extremities
  • Allows you to control and find the most comfortable sleeping position for YOU.
  • In most cases, can still be used with an existing headboard & footboard combination.

Adjustable Bed Base Cons:

  • Attaching a headboard to an adjustable base can sometimes be a challenge, depending on the design and weight of the headboard. It’s important to let the sales person know what type of headboard you may currently have, or what you hope to use in the future.
  • If the area where your adjustable bed base rests has a hard surface like wood, tile or laminate, you may want to add something under the feet of the adjustable bed base to keep it from sliding. Even with a locking caster, the beds can be apt to move.
  • There is an adjustment period for many people to get used to the combination of the mattress and the adjustable bed base. It takes a little time and experimentation to see what positions and features of the base provide the greatest benefit for you.
  • Only work with certain types of mattresses. Make sure the mattress is considered “adjustable friendly.”

Adjustable Bed Base Options and Product Information:

  • Base Options: Head End Of Bed Articulation, Foot End Of Bed Articulation, Massage
  • Construction Overview: Single or Dual-Motor Design, Hard-Wire or Wireless Remote
  • Mattress Warranty: 3-10-20 (George’s offers a full 10-year warranty with each adjustable base)
  • Additional Features & Options: Memory, Massage, Zero Gravity
  • Available Sizes: Twin – Twin XL – Full – Queen – King — Split King

Want To Learn More About An Adjustable Bed Base?

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