From Plush to Pillow Top, Covering All Your Needs

At George’s Furniture, we carry an excellent variety of 2-sided mattresses that are available in styles, including firm, plush, pillow top, eurotop and gel memory foam.

A 2-sided mattress offers the benefit of extending the comfort life of the mattress by being able to flip and rotate it, using both sides of the sleeping surface. The average life of a 2-sided mattress is 10-12 years, compared to the industry average of 5-7 years for a single-sided mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I flip my mattress?

For the first 6 months, we recommend that you flip and rotate your mattress once per month. After that the mattress can be flipped and rotated 3-4 times per year.

 What if I don’t want to flip my mattress?

You will reduce the comfort life of the mattress, meaning it will not be as comfortable as long.

Why don’t more companies make 2-sided mattresses?

The industry recognized that less consumers were rotating mattresses and developed the concept of a single-sided mattress.

Is a 2-sided mattress more expensive than a 1-sided mattress?

No. The average price for a 2-sided mattress, designed for adult, every night use ranges from $799 to $1599.

Are all 1-sided mattresses bad?

No. A well-constructed, 1-sided mattress will have pre-compressed foam and other comfort layers that will help reduce the amount of body impression or sagging in the mattress. It comes down to the quality of the foam, steel spring unit, and the type of comfort materials used in the mattress.

Are there any benefits to a 1-sided mattress?

One benefit is is less transfer of motion in the mattress. When your partner tosses and turns, you should feel much less of that movement. This is especially the case with gel memory foam and latex mattresses.