What’s The Best Big Man’s Recliner?


What’s The Best Big Man’s Recliner?

If you are looking for one of the toughest, most durable big man’s recliners available anywhere, it would be worth your time to check out the Beast recliners by Best Home Furnishings. This series of big man recliners is designed to fit people of almost any size, ranging from 6-0 to 7-0 feet, and weights up to 400 lbs.
We have sold Beast recliners for over 15 years, and still consider it the best big man’s recliner we have ever experienced.

What’s In A Beast Recliner?

  • Solid Wood, Poplar and Maple Frame Joined By Six 2 1/2” Lag Bolts, Wood Dowels and Glue
  • Reinforced Steel Truss Plates
  • 7 Gauge Heavy Duty Mechanism Designed To Support 350-400 lbs Depending On The Recliner Style
  • Heavy Duty Seat Springs
  • Higher Density Premium Seat Foam
  • Easy-Fill Removable Chair Back, Which Allows You To Adjust The Comfort

Sizes and Options:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are big man’s recliners more expensive?
A well-built, big man’s recliner will be more expensive than a regular recliner. We would be skeptical of a big man’s chair that wasn’t more expensive than a regular recliner. On average, a big man’s recliner will cost 12-25% more than a standard recliner.
How long should these recliners last?
Under everyday heavy, but normal use, these recliners should last 7-12 years. We have had customers who weigh 300 pounds or slightly more, and they were able to get a full 7 years use out of the recliner.
How do I know if the recliner fits me?
We have a fitting process we go through to help fit you to the recliner. In the case that we don’t get it right, you are protected under our Worry Free Guarantee, which allows you to exchange the recliner (even special orders), to find something that fits you better, or we can refund your money without a hassle.
Can I choose different fabric?
Yes, we have hundreds of different fabric options in almost every color you can imagine. With our big man’s recliners, we do make sure that the fabrics selected will be durable, and hold up to the everyday needs of the person buying the recliner.
To learn more about our selection of Big Man, Beast Recliners, feel free to call us at (419) 592-2811, contact us through this website, or connect with us through Facebook.
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