Furniture Profile: Best Home Furnishings

Best Home Furnishings

For 50+ years, Best Home Furnishings has been producing sofas, chairs, recliners, lift chairs, sectionals, glide rockers and other great furniture in southern Indiana. It is one of the few manufacturers of its size that is family-owned and operated in the United States.
George’s Furniture has been selling Best products for almost 20 years, and recently, Chris Chamberlin, one of our owners, spent two days at the Best facilities in Jasper, Ferdinand and Huntingburg, IN, touring the state-of-the-art facilities.

Fabric Cutting Department

There are several attributes of Best that make it one of the most unique furniture producers in the world. These attributes go beyond the tangible product, and speak at a much higher level of the mindset, leadership and principles that drive the company today.

Great People

It is not uncommon when visiting the facility to meet staff members who have worked at Best Chairs for 10, 20, or even 30 years. Younger staff tend to be 2nd generation, or related to someone else that works for the company. This type of tenure often points to a company and work force that takes pride in their work, and cares for the well-being of staff members. Of all the companies we have visited over the years, Best ranks high in it’s “people factor.” We believe this is the backbone of any great company or institution.

Finishing the back of an accent chair.

Best Built Frames In The Industry

Best is one of the few furniture manufacturers left in the industry that has it’s own dimensions plant, which rips, drys, and processes its own lumber. Controlling this process allows Best to oversee one of the most important aspects of furniture, which is the frame construction. Best uses solid poplar and maple woods, where most manufacturers would alternatively use a combination of plywood and MDF for its main construction elements.

Dimensions Wood Facility


Besides people, one of greatest advantages of any American manufacturer is the ability to utilize modern technology and innovation. Best has reinvested millions of dollars in equipment to help produce furniture in a more consistent and a timely manner. On average, Best will produce furniture in less than 4 working days, taking raw parts and components, and turning it into a finished product in less than half the time of competitors.
Best also fully cartons all of it’s products at the end of the production cycle, which significantly reduces shipping damage and helps customers receive a better-handled piece of furniture in the end.

Adjustable Comfort and Thoughtful Design

Here are just a few of the thoughtful design features that Best incorporates into its furniture:
  • Restuffable & Removable Recliner Backs – the lower lumbar area of the recliner includes a restuffable compartment that allows you to customize the support and comfort of your recliner. This is truly a back saver!
  • Adjustable Comfort Seats – certain recliner models also contain restuffable seats and chaise pads. This is the one of the greatest ways to extend the life of your recliner. It also keeps the chair seat more plush and comfortable.
  • Performa Weave Seats – the newest innovation in foam, Performa weave provides a quality of material that is 35% more resilient than standard foam.
  • Reinforced Steel Truss Plates – furniture frames contain a steel truss plate that increases the strength and support of the solid wood frame.
If you are interested in learning more about furniture that is a great value, extremely well built, and delivered by the hands of an American worker, we welcome you to try it out in person at George’s Furniture. Our family has enjoyed using Best Home Furnishings products in our homes for almost two decades. We know that you will enjoy it as well!
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